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Accurate Psychic Readings online  - not easy to find

My name is Rosemary Price and I have worked hard to bring to the general public, Worldwide, a good variety of in depth and helpful, insightful numerology, clairvoyant, crystal ball etc clairvoyant readings, so that anyone who has a worry or problem, decision or sadness can get help and comfort. One of the things that helps people with their problems is being able to talk about them, so those who only want a listening ear can come to me. But as I am also a qualified therapist, agony aunt, and relationship expert those who want more than just a listening ear can get that too.

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accurate psychic readings online
We expect a psychic to be one of those airy fairy people who wear long cloaks and maybe get involved in black magic.  Someone who might have a familiar, who is shunned by their neighbours, who have no friends and rarely go out. Someone who is different, maybe seen as a bit of a nut case. Someone who is alert and sharp and knowing but not part of the every day World around them. People go to them when they need clairvoyant and psychic insight but would never seek them out purely to chat to them and be with them, it is only their abilities that people crave.

Accurate psychic readings online are rarely done by witches, it is normal they are done by tarot card readers, crystal ball gazers and clairvoyants, but people tend to mix the two together because they are not that knowledgeable about the subject. Hence people often get jealous of a true clairvoyant or do not understand them and are scared of them and this is one reason why people tend to shy away from them.

There are lots of reasons why we should trust the online clairvoyant readers without being suspicious about them. And one of them is the simple fact that they want to help and really care, far more sometimes than people we live with or see regularly who are supposedly close to us.  Our husband or wife might be a nasty person who is causing our problems, our friends might be dense and unable to understand or disinterested because they want an easy life and do not want to get involved. Our family might be out of their depth when they try to advise us or listen, or maybe they interfere a lot instead of just listening. People often get the wrong end of the stick when they hear about our situation, they can get angry, they can get volatile and they can get difficult because they do not think with their head and think with their heart, their emotions kick in and get in the way, just as they can for us when we are worried about something or something deep is on our minds. The clairvoyant has the ability to get involved without feeling your emotions, they are not in love with you, you have not upset them, they are just there to see and deliver.  They will forget about you in a few hours time when they move on to another client.
Accurate psychic readings online are simply ways to get that help that you need. And in most cases the reason people go to a tarot card reader or clairvoyant is about love. They see  visiting, phoning or emailing a clairvoyant as a possible solution to what troubles them. Yet is it?  In some cases it is. Because an excellent reason for consulting someone is to find out if they are true to you,  if they really love you and if they are compatible with you. With these questions and more it is wise to consult a clairvoyant or tarot card reader.  But very often people consult a reader and ask them things like "I am totally single and have never been married. I wish to know when I will meet my soul mate and be married and how many children we will have". These questions are not suitable or wise.They leave out the fact that much of this is down to free will.

Yes of course a reader who provides accurate psychic readings online will help you with your love life or lack of it but you have to do your bit too.  If you are single and you never or rarely go out then you are becoming an obstacle of your own possible future.  A reader might tell you to go out more but if you do not listen and heed the advice you might be staying at home or on your own too much to meet that special someone who is lined up for you.How can you meet your soul mate if you choose and prefer to stay at home on your own? Either it takes longer or it never happens and if it takes longer you will sacrifice the chance to meet at least one of those people that were lined up as possibles for you because you gave up the chance to meet them. Then you either meet them a year or so down the line instead or never.  They are probably not going to go to a clairvoyant and tarot card reader who tells them that their soul mate is slow in coming forward and that they should wait for many years for you. At that time you do not exist - they do not love you - so why would they wait and wait for you?

The reader who gives the most honest and helpful accurate psychic readings online will tell you that you must do your bit. This includes going out,  being nice to people you meet and so on.

Then there is the fact that you might have problems that get in the way of your progress.If you have mental health problems, or are very shy, or have a borderline personality disorder,  or drink too much, or get very angry easily, or clingy and possessive, all of these problems and more will stand in the way of your progress either meaning that the relationship you want and would be able to have otherwise never gets off the ground or goes wrong because of the problems.

Lots of the people who come to me for love and relationship help have driven someone away through such a thing, and then they rush to me and ask me how to get their ex back. So having accurate psychic readings online is not the way to go - not on it's own.   Some of what should happen is prevention. It makes far more sense to make sure you are normal or get sorted before you get into a relationship and then treat your partner nicely so that it never comes to arguments and splits. But they fail to see that they drove them away and the thing that drove them away is still the same.  In some cases they tell me that they have changed.  Yet this is impossible in a short space of time without an expert therapist and clairvoyant to help you.  Many of these fail to see that they hurt their ex and their ex has a right to value their happiness and stay away and cut their  losses.  Instead they try to draw the ex back with unrealistic promises about being different and nice.

One of the problems is that people forget that how they treat their lover or partner affects how much the partner is or is not interested in them.They like to think that if their partner goes off in a huff or after a big argument it is all down to bad luck or karma or fate rather than it happened due to the way they were nasty to them and treated them badly.  Having accurate psychic readings online is not going to turn the clock back or change how the person you hurt feels about you. So when it goes wrong they like to think that karma or fate can get them back together and somehow erase their partner's memory of what happened, which is nonsense. If you have a partner who you repeatedly abuse in some shape or form they will never forget this and they will run and run and never stand still and want to go back to how things were. If people were to think about what they would do if things were reversed they would see it. Being with someone and believing in online clairvoyance does not give you a right to treat them  badly but still expect them to stay interested. And you cannot just say sorry and start again, your lives run out just as a cat has nine lives and no more. Any fool will tell you that so why expect a clairvoyant and tarot reader to say anything different?

Unfortunately some of my clients are not realistic about what to expect from a clairvoyant reader. They think that somehow they can wave a magic wand over all of the damage they have done to their relationship as if it never happened. Some of them nag me to do black magic to force their partner to return.  Accurate psychic readings online   done by an expert clairvoyant and tarot card reader  would tell them where they went wrong,  what they should do,  it can also tell them if they are suited and if it is worth continuing with it,  but if they have some sort of problem such as drinking, gambling, violence which caused the  break up they need to put this right - professionally and properly before any relationship they get into has a chance of lasting and being happy.

Having a consultation is not like going to hospital where you have an operation and come out cured. It is about telling you what to do and where you went wrong might be part of that.  If you are the injured party it might be about warning you not to return, it might be that your partner is pressurising you to go back and you are softening and feeling tempted and need to be reminded that it is a bad idea. But ultimately you decide. The clairvoyant and tarot card reader can tell you a million times not to return but you can choose to ignore them. Which is why nobody honest can predict what will happen. How can anyone tell you that you will or you will not return to them if you have not decided and will choose to ignore what you ought to do? Accurate psychic readings online cannot predict a total outcome when you and the other people involved have yet to make decisions or may change your mind and there is also a strong possibility that if you change yours or they change theirs there is a domino effect where they and / or you then change your minds to fit what you now know and did not know before.

And I will tell you why people like to believe that having a consultation will somehow wipe out everything that has happened when it suits. They like the idea that the reader has some sort of magic they can use, that using some tarot cards or looking at the crystal ball can do this. Or that they will simply wish it to all be better. And they have read things in magazines and newspapers that make them believe this more. They have spoken to others who say they are clairvoyant who have made them promises. They have paid fakes for cheap rubbish spells, all of this gets them to believe that they can treat people any way they want and it will somehow all be alright if they want it to be. They believe it because they do not want to be responsible for how they were and how they are, they want to pass the buck. In a way they do not want accurate psychic readings online they want an eraser.

And one of the problems is that if they were able to erase their behaviour and attitude and start again because it was all made so easy they would be the same again and have the same outcome again. The only time they might learn from the past is if they lose their partner and get very upset and have to rethink it.  Even the very best tarot card reader and clairvoyant online will admit to that.  Even the most honest of witches will too but of course the fakes who make a living out of raising peoples' hopes will be otherwise.  A really good tarot card reader and clairvoyant online will be honest and tactful.

So where does the advice from a good tarot card reader and clairvoyant online different to that from an agony aunt and therapist? For one ting the tarot card reader knows far more. They can tell the client if they are compatible - using numerology and other methods which the agony aunt and therapist does not know.  Their accurate psychic readings online will be using things like the tarot cards, clairvoyance,numerology and more so that they get a fuller picture. Their consultation is not based solely on anger or love or depression or sadness, it is logical. If there is no hope of them being reunited the good tarot card reader and clairvoyant online tells them that. The agony aunt and therapist can only guess such things and might tell them to hold on and wait when there is no hope but they do not realise it. So the good tarot card reader and clairvoyant online is perhaps able to save them more heartache and wasted time and by telling them this they are helping them to safely move on and maybe start a new chapter with someone else that they would not have met if they had been stubborn and kept waiting.

Which makes you wonder who should and who should not go for accurate psychic readings online. And the answer is this - those who have mental health or behavioural problems, even if they are lovely and caring people otherwise should get themselves sorted out with professional help from an expert tarot reader and clairvoyant or therapist and this might take some time. Then they should look for someone who is compatible with them and work at it. Not take their partner for granted or treat them badly.Those who are already sorted are wise to go to a reader and get tarot card and clairvoyant consultations so long as they listen and so long as they understand it is not all set in stone and they must do their bit too.

Here is where you can see it is a huge advantage to go to someone who is a qualified therapist, agony aunt and relationship expert too. Because they can bring those talents and the knowledge they have about that into play when they do their consultation, making it fuller and more rounded than just the tarot cards and clairvoyance on it's own or vice versa.

What happens if you consult a fake clairvoyant, or a fake tarot card reader  for accurate psychic readings online which turn out not to be and they have promised you that your ex will return or things will be fine and then they go wrong? You need to accept it. You need to see that nobody could have seen it would go wrong although a more expert person would have seen it was 90% or whatever likely. They also ought to accept that some of it may be their own fault. Perhaps they were warned to stop pestering them with phone calls and did not. And that was what tipped their ex over the edge to never come back.

If you and your partner have split and you have not yet been reunited and you would like to be stop and ask yourself why it went wrong in the first place. A good tarot card reader and clairvoyant ought to be able to tell you. Maybe your friends do not know or dare not say it to you in case it upsets you or you argue with them, but you should be able to ask your reader.  Once you have worked out what happened - and it may have happened many times and there may be a pattern to it - look at how  much of it was your fault and how much theirs.  If it is always their fault then ask yourself why you want to get them back! If it is often or always yours then ask yourself why you behave this way. And be honest.If you are needy and clingy and forever nagging them to come home quicker or tell you who they were with and where and wanting to spend more time with them and being generally possessive and demanding then that would be down to you not them. They are not in the wrong because they do not want to tell you their every move or be with you  every minute of every day. If you are forever asking them to say they love you then it is down to you, they should be able to relax and not have to keep saying it.

A good listener and advisor should be able to tell you that,you should not need accurate psychic readings online but you have chosen to go to a clairvoyant and tarot card reader, this was your choice, even if  it was the wrong choice. And ask yourself if you really love your ex or it was just pride and ego or fear of being alone.  If you have ideas of putting spells on them to get them back then that is not love, love does not deliberately damage people.

A wise client finds a good clairvoyant and tarot card reader and sticks to them. They do not chop and change and go to someone once and then move on, they form a relationship with their tarot card reader and clairvoyant.   Having your daily tarot cards done for you can be a big help.  But you must do your part of it. I recently did a consultation for a new client who is not at all realistic and wants to blame fate and karma for everything. She was taking examinations in the hope of becoming a nurse but not really interested and lazy so did not bother to go to lessons or study, then she would continually fail. She wanted me to promise her should would pass next time. Others had made her this problem but she had always failed. Yet instead of seeing that this promise was then useless she continued to see getting this promise as the answer. The answer was to go to lessons and study and take it seriously not go to clairvoyants and tarot card readers for some sort of promise that wipes out how lazy she is.  She wanted to be sure she would pass without making any effort.If it were that easy everyone would pass and an exam would be pointless.

The accurate psychic readings online that she was seeking were not about the truth or accuracy they were about twisting things. So that no matter how much she messed up or did not bother she always got what she wanted.  But then that is going against everything in nature and would backfire on her one day if it were possible./Supposing some man takes a fancy to her and decides he must have her no matter what. All he would have to do is go to a clairvoyant and tarot card reader and hey presto she is his - even if she hates him or he has treated her badly and she does not want him.

Whether you go to see someone face to face or prefer to consult an online psychic online you need to know what to expect  and how to react and behave both with the reader and with other people in the future that you will want to have a romance or marriage with. There is a big difference between consulting an amateur and a professional, both in service and the consultation itself, as you can see for yourself when you shop around.There is no such thing as a terrific bargain where the best is the cheapest, if the best was also the cheapest they would be fully booked and too busy to fit you in. One of the reasons the best have to charge properly is so that they can have time for themselves and are not working 24 7 due to being such a bargain that everyone wants them.

Never consult a supposed psychic and pay them and then go to another to check out if you can trust them or ask them if the person got this or that wrong or what did they mean when they told you such and such.Go to the person who told you if you are not sure about something,the person you paid. If you wish to go to a second or third to check out one you went to before then expect to pay them too, they are giving you their skills and time,  but how do you know you can trust any of them? Will you be forever going to another to check out the last one?  The best psychic online is going to be the most popular so they are not going to be needing to be checked out. Their testimonials and how busy they are ought to say it all.

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